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Covid-19 slows down solar growth for the 1st time since 1980


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Good afternoon, been a trying past week in Texas to say the least. Hopefully this finds you and your family in good health. Covid-19 is here and disrupting our way of life. In my 40 years of being alive I have not been privy to any circumstance close to this, even the air breathes a little heavy with uncertitude.

The one thing that is somewhat reminiscent of our current situation is 9/11, we knew right away that things were never going to be the same, but at least we knew that life, as it usually does, goes on. As a matter of fact, we were encouraged to not pump the brakes. Go work, go to the park, enjoy baseball, go eat steak otherwise they win, that was the norm. Covid-19 has a different feel to it. its literally asking us to stop moving altogether. and in the land of the free and fast food restaurants its really really hard.

Like 9/11 we are healing together

I leave you with the the article above which outlines a halted growth in the solar industry for the first time in 40 years. It’s an unfortunate recession, but we are in it together, as a nation. lets sit it out and dream about a not so far off future where restaurant employees will have full restaurants, and toilet paper will be bountiful, and movie theaters will be sold out and children will love being back at school and all houses will have solar panels.

Sending good vibes to each and everyone of you.

Luis M.

Tx Solar & Roofing

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